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(Advanced Control for Renewable Energy for North Africa)
Regional Course for North Africa
25-28 October, 2013
Proposers :
Mohamed Boudour, Director of Electrical & Industrial Systems Laboratory-LSEI
Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Computing
University of Sciences & Technology Houari Boumediene of Algiers, Algeria

Prof. Abdel Aitouche, from the Research Laboratory of Automation, Industrial Informatics,
Signal Processing of the University Catholic of Lille

Proposal for an
IFAC FOUNDATION Regional Course on Advanced Control
The IFAC Foundation of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) is
a non-profit organization founded in 2004, which among its objectives there is the
promotion of development and education in the areas of automatic control systems
and industrial automation.
The Foundation encourages Developing Countries to develop regional courses,
projects, teaching and industrial applications in automatic control.
This document presents a proposal for Workshop on Advanced Control for Renewable
Energy in North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt).
The Course is conceived as a three days workshop. Considerations about the reality
and possibilities on the region suggest a shorter course will facilitate the assistance.
Topics of the course have been selected in accordance to identified areas of interest in
the region. The idea is to relate topics on advanced control to potential areas of
application in order to highlight and promote the benefits of automation and
application of advanced control techniques. The topics chosen are related to
applications within interest in the region such as renewable energy and environment.
The lecturers are selected according to their expertise and proven research record on
certain advanced control topics as well as its application to the field domain of
renewable energy and environment. On the other hand, it is true that the potential
applications of advanced control techniques go beyond these fields. In this respect, a
session that outlines different fields with proven benefits achieved from the
application of advanced techniques is also envisaged. The sessions will therefore
concentrate on the following topics :
- Environmental : Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, control
techniques to reduce the environmental impact of industrial process, Detection
of Leakage in urban zone.
- Sustainable Energy : Bio-Fuel, Buildings : Process Control to reduce the
greenhouse gaz, New techniques on control, Industrial Development
- Solar Energy : Control systems on solar energy (project DESERTEC : Europe-
North Africa),
- Wind Energy : Last techniques on advanced control applied to wind energy, last
development on technologies.
- Fuel Cell : Control, Diagnosis on fuel Cell, Development of Energy by using
Hydrogen, New technologies on Fuel Cell Systems
All sessions will be lectures presenting topics on Diagnosis and Advanced control.
Instead, they will be presented with the frame work on renewable Energy,
Environment and Sustainable Energies. Therefore, for each thematic field, one session
and applications are planned. After each , around table is planned
- The first day will be dedicated to the presentation of IFAC and Research and
Education in the Region followed by the Advanced Control on Environment and
its application and finally by Advanced Control on sustainable Energy : Building
and its application in the region and by exhibitions, student posters, etc..
- The second day will be started by Advanced Control on CSP and PV Solar Energy
by their applications in the region and on the afternoon by Wind Energy and
their applications and by exhibitions, student posters, etc..
- The last day is dedicated to Advanced Control on Fuel Cell Systems, followed by
the industrial benefits of Advanced Control particularly in the previous topics.
On the afternoon, a visit to the Center of Development on Renewable Energy in
Algiers is planned and a tour to visit the city of Algiers is also planned.
As it has been mentioned above, the course is intended to be a three days course. The
proposed schedule and organization of the sections is shown in the following table :

First Day
Second Day
Third day
8:30-9:00 Inauguration
Presentation of IFAC
PV Solar Energy : Advanced
Fuel Cell
Advanced Control and
9:00- 9:45
Research and Education for
RE and Environment in the
region (1)
Research and Education for
RE and Environment in the
Region (2)
CSP Solar Energy : Advanced
Industrial Benefits of
Advanced Control
10:30-10:45 Break
10:30-10:45 Break
10:30-10:45 Break
11:45 : 12:30
Round Table
11:45 : 12:45
Solar Applications
Round Table Closing
Lunch : 12 : 30-14:00
12:45 : Lunch
12:00-13:30 Lunch
Environment : Advanced
Control and Applications
Advanced Control for
Wind Energy Systems
Visit to the Center of
Renewable Energy in Algiers
And Social Activities
14:45 : 15:30
Sustainable Energy : Smart
14:45 : 15:30
Wind Energy Applications
Break : 15:30-15:45
Break : 16:30-17:15
Round Table
Round Table
16:30-18:00 Exhibitions,
Demonstrations, Posters
16:30-18:00 Exhibitions,
Demonstrations, Posters

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