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Call for Papers
Algerian High Voltage Electric Network Association
The Algerian High Voltage Electric Network association ARELEC was created in 1994 by Sonelgaz, universities and industry.
The objective of the technical and scientific meetings organized by the association is to gather electrical industry and universities for networking, knowledge and best practices exchanges.
CAGRE’15 will be organized by ARELEC in Algiers - Algeria.
The aim of this conference is to gather all the people working for high voltage electrical network and give them the opportunity to discuss their works, interests, experiences and knowledge.
Conference topics
   Transformer Diagnostics and Maintenance
 Insulated cables and Overhead lines
 Protection and Automation
 Renewable energy Integration
 New tests techniques for material
 Telecommunications and Information systems
 Power System stability
 Others topics on High voltage Transmission Systems
Instructions for authors    
The authors are invited to submit their papers in word file, in 4 to 6 pages in two columns according to the IEEE model.
The page 1 must contains the title of the paper, the names, affiliations, email of the authors and an abstract from 50 to 100 words.
  Receipt of full paper 30September, 2014
  Notification of acceptance 15 November, 2014
  Final paper submission 15 December, 2014
Honorary President  : Noureddine Boutarfa   Conference President :Messaoud Benkirat
Scientific committee   Organisation committee
Scientific committee Chairs   Organisation committee Chairs
M. Boudour and A. Mekhaldi   B. Chekired and S. Bouazabia
Members   Members
M. Boudour, A. Boubakeur, S. Bouazabia, B. Boussahoua, Y. Chabane, D. Doufene, A. El Maouhab, R. Gueddouche, L. Guenfaf, F. Guerbas, A. Hellal, M. Houabes ,D. Khelil, A.A. Ladjici, Y. Mecheri, A. Mekhaldi, H. Moulai, M. Rahli, M. Teguar, A. Tiguercha, A. Tilmatine, A.L. Amrani, L. Mokhnache, N. M’ziou, D. Mahi, L. Boukezzi, R. Boudissa,
S. Bacha, A. Feliachi, M. Haddad, A. Berizzi, J.C. Maun A.Rais, A. Ameyoud, H. Aggad, A. Ayadi, M. Amourouyeche, R. Azzoug, N. Benaferi, R. Bouaroudj, B. Belaid, M. Bendaace, S. Benlahneche, S.Bourta,
B.Chekired, M.Ghezaili, S.Guezzane, S. Hammoudi, N.Khelifa, B.F.Hamza, M.Slimanou, S.Maziz, T.Ouaret, H.Akzouh, O. Mouloua. M. Chabouni. M. Medkour.
  F. Soukeur, A. Bensalem, F. Belkhodja, R. Makouda, M. Hasni, Y. Ouazir, M. Menaa
  With collaboration of

Laboratoire des Systèmes Electriques et Industriels
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